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A Class I drug is purchase Quaalude from the plant of the same name. Class II Depressants: Class II drugs are used to treat anxiety, depression, psychosis, seizures purchase Quaalude nervousness in healthy people, people with purchase Quaalude, people with narcolepsy and people with mental retardation. The type of Class II drug can vary from a depressant to a stimulant or from a sedative to a hallucinogen. Purchase Quaalude II drugs may be prescribed by a doctor in a hospital purchase Quaalude or by a pharmacy in a drug-free environment.

A Class II drug is made from the plant of the same name. Class III Depressants: Class III drugs are used in healthy people, people with seizures, people purchase Quaalude narcolepsy or people with mental retardation. Class III drugs are often combined with Class A drugs andor Class I Depressants.

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